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The Cost of Cyber Complacency

Within the rapidly globalising and integrated global community, the evolution and rationalisation of technology has presented the real and present danger of cyber-attacks, creating a threat environment for all businesses. With malware becoming more sophisticated and capable of outsmarting traditional anti-virus technologies, business must prioritise cybersecurity and form an enterprise culture of digital awareness,

2017-06-06T16:52:54+10:00February 6th, 2017|

Unfair Contract Terms Protection Extended to Small Businesses

The unfair contract terms protections under the Australian Consumer Law was extended to protect small businesses from 12 November 2016.  In this blog, we will examine the far reaching implications of this change on operations of businesses, particularly for those businesses that rely on standard form contracts. To whom and what does the Act

2017-06-06T16:55:34+10:00January 20th, 2017|

Know Your Obligations: Telemarketing and Spam

The Federal Court penalised travel agency Getaway Escapes over $300,000 and its director $25,000 for breaching their obligations under the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (Cth) (‘Act’) and the Telemarketing and Research Calls Industry Standard 2007 (‘Standard’) in 2016. This record fine suggests that the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) is serious about

2017-02-17T17:14:32+11:00January 13th, 2017|

Electronic Voting: The Way of the Future?

The administration of our lives has become increasingly digitised. We bank on the Internet, complete our tax returns online, shop electronically, conduct business over e-mail. There is little that we don’t do online. So given the length of time for manual counting to complete at the Federal Election in July, electronic voting seems to be

2017-02-17T17:14:11+11:00October 20th, 2016|