Crowdfunding and its Implications for Corporate Governance

Paul Fine - Consultant In an environment where the traditional means of raising capital for start-ups is far from buoyant, the momentum behind equity crowdfunding is accelerating - there’s a distinct exuberance among entrepreneurs and their supporters. Increasingly, the Internet is becoming the preferred medium in which to raise money so that creative ideas

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Ideas, Changing Technology and Implications for the Law

In an age of rapidly advancing technological trends and digital capability, there’s an interesting phenomenon that’s worth taking note of, as well as its structural implications in the law. Ben Hammersley, in his recent influential book about the internet,[1] observes that worthwhile ideas bide their time until the technology develops to the point of bringing

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Crowdfunding: Opportunity, Risk and Regulation

There’s no doubt that the speed of doing business continues to accelerate.  Increasing numbers of entrepreneurs, social, artistic and not for profit groups are turning to crowdfunding as a new avenue that bypasses traditional, time consuming and often arduous capital raising efforts. Any challenge or obstacle emerging from the crowdfunding phenomenon certainly doesn’t relate to

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