Our Cyber Resilience Lifecycle combined with our ‘whole-of-business’ approach address risk from the top down and effectively mitigates business impacts of cyber threats.

Our market-leading Cyber Services help clients manage the stages in the Cyber Resilience Lifecycle.  Sainty Law leads a multidisciplinary team, including IT auditors and specialist technology threat analysts who can work with you to:

  • Assess your organisation’s cybersecurity environment
  • Recommend and implement risk mitigation measures
  • Undertake incident responses

Our multidisciplinary team has developed a proprietary process based on the best practice National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework. This process uses a digital platform combining skilled human facilitation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and mitigate your organisation’s cyber risks in the following four key risk areas:

  • Governance & Director Risk
  • Operational & Technology Risk
  • Regulatory Risk
  • People Risk

Our Cyber Services are grouped into four offerings, designed to enable you to choose services that match your organisation’s cyber maturity.  You can choose to undertake services that comprise our Cyber Resilience Lifecycle as a four-stage process, or undertake any aspect of the Lifecycle as a standalone project.

Cyber Resilience Lifecycle
Your cyber risks identified

We offer a comprehensive Cyber Resilience Health Check that assesses your organisation’s cybersecurity environment and identifies its cyber risks.  Our ‘whole-of-business’ approach allows us to gain an intimate understanding of your organisation’s cyber maturity, including its ability to manage cybersecurity risk to its systems, assets, data and capabilities.  Understanding the cyber risks of your organisation requires knowledge of the assets (including information assets), business models, operations, processes, trends and vulnerability specific to your business, as well as generally in your sector.

We also use a market-leading digital platform by Pax Republic, combining independent human facilitation and AI.  Pax’s anonymous conversion service enables you to overcome trust issues employees often face, and dive deeper to understand the root cause and possible solutions to mitigate the cyber risks identified within your organisational culture.

Your cyber solutions framework designed

Your solutions framework includes the appropriate strategies, policies and governance tools that can ensure uninterrupted delivery of your organisation’s critical infrastructure and will enable your organisation to identify the occurrence of a cyber security event.

Your cyber solutions framework implemented

We design a Cyber Resilience Framework and implement the appropriate safeguards and activities that will protect your organisation from cyber incidents and detect the occurrence of cyber incidents.  Our Cyber Resilience Framework is based on the NIST framework –  a global best practice standard developed by US security and industry experts.

Once the protections are in place organisations will need to be vigilant to ensure compliance on a business-as-usual (BAU) basis.  We regularly advise on:

  • Regulatory compliance (including financial services regulation and data protection
  • Procurement and supply chain risk (including contractor vetting and cyber contractual provisions
  • Corporate due diligence in respect of cyber issues (including joint ventures, projects, outsourcing and cyber insurance)
Respond and Recover
Your incident response team

Your organisation needs an appropriate support team with the ability to contain the impact of a potential cybersecurity event.  We can design an appropriate action plan, outlining the necessary resources and activities, and when to undertake them.  We can also act as your Emergency Response Team Leader to respond to and manage a cybersecurity incident.  Your Emergency Response Plan is critical to your organisation’s ability to effectively and efficiently recover from a cybersecurity event.  Our multidisciplinary team can provide invaluable support during your organisation’s recovery period by undertaking or assisting with investigations and providing recommendations and improvements.