The PirateBay Enables Free Streaming Through Torrents Time Plug-In

As of this year, The Pirate Bay, the notorious torrent-sharing site, offers free streaming via the plug-in Torrents Time (TT). This plug-in has transformed The Pirate Bay overnight into the largest video streaming website on the net, making it easier than ever before for users to access copyright-infringing content online. Will the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Act 2015 apply to these new online innovations? And what does this mean for ISPs, copyright holders and web-surfers?

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Image Rights for Young Athletes

Managing the Image Rights for Young Athletes Just as children are educated at school to manage their social media interactions, young athletes should be conscious of the way they use social media. There are certainly benefits to using social media as we have discussed in a previous post, but precaution should also be taken. From

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Why Image Rights Matter

Image rights and sporting talent Endorsements, commercialisation and merchandise have long been an important component of the income stream of athletes and sports players. The evolution and growth of social media has meant this is an increasingly important channel of revenue. Talent (as I refer to athletes, players and other talented individuals) tend to focus

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Image Rights, Social Media and Sporting Talent

What are image rights? The social media revolution has empowered individuals to take control of managing their own voice, image and the works they create. For ‘talent’, in this context being used to refer to athletes, players and other talented individuals, it is a very important development. From being mere cogs in the media wheel

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