Organisations are constantly moving.   As well as standard business functions there are growth opportunities to pursue, alliances to forge, and businesses, assets and talent to acquire and divest. Sainty Law helps its clients strategise and execute transactions to maximise returns and minimise risk.   We help clients to leverage skills they have and access others they need.

We can help with deciphering and using contract law for maximum impact across a wide range of of commercial transactions including:

  • corporate restructures
  • mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
  • strategic alliances
  • joint ventures

For business as usual needs, strategic growth opportunities and defensive restructuring organisations will be faced with a variety of contracts.

Sainty Law offers services to clients at all points in the life cycle of a contract.

We can also call on our partners to assist in tasks such as benchmarking, data migration and systems integration.

Examples of our professional contract law services include:

  • Pre Contract Scoping
    Risk assessment and review/due diligence. Benchmarking. Tendering and evaluating contract proposals.
  • Contracting Process
    Drafting. Regulatory compliance and advice. Structured negotiating. Contract execution.
  • Implementation
    Contract implementation. Performance management and assessment. Contract review and change management for improved performance.
  • Renewal or Termination
    Assessment and contract renegotiation. Managing transition to new suppliers.