Tips for Good Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance is often seen as a massive hurdle for a company. How do you adopt something that seems so amorphous? In essence, privacy compliance is part of a process, and that process can be achieved using some simple forethought and best practices. To assist your company in developing good privacy practice, we have developed

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COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout Concerns

As part of the Australian Government’s response to COVID-19, a nationwide vaccination program is being rolled out in stages to support access to, and delivery of, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines and treatments for all Australians (Program). The first stage of the program will treat certain high priority populations (including quarantine, border and front line

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Setting your organisation up for privacy compliance

It’s Privacy Awareness Week! Privacy Awareness Week is an annual initiative of the Australian Office of the Information Commissioner that aims to helps organisations, agencies and the general public navigate the privacy landscape and better understand how they can help protect personal information. Sainty Law is a proud supporter of Privacy Awareness Week. The below

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Diversity Surveys: What Employers Need to Know

In 2019, Diversity Council Australia conducted a survey of 3,000 Australian workers which revealed that 75% of those surveyed support their employer taking action to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. Diversity surveys have become an increasingly popular tool for employers to drive the diversity and inclusivity workers are after. While the Racial Discrimination Act

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Security Tips for Video Conferencing

When any technology sees its popularity increase quickly, the number of malicious actors seeking to take advantage of new and untrained users also grows. Video Conferencing is one such technology. It has become an essential tool for remote workforces. Now, some 6 plus months into the new COVID-19 world, it’s a good time to revisit

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