Kaelah Dowman

Graduate Lawyer

Kaelah is the newest member of our team, joining the firm in 2023.

Kaelah has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (Economics) with Distinction from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Kaelah is interested in business strategy and has a strong understanding of economic principles from her academic studies and business experience. She is an enthusiastic lawyer who seeks to address legal issues in a way that advances the best interests of her clients.

Kaelah has a passion for many areas of the law, particularly corporate, technology and environmental law. Her studies have aided her critical thinking and enhanced her legal analysis skills.

Kaelah has five years’ experience in customer service in a prominent national retail brand, with two of those years in a management role, making her well equipped to manage client relations. She actively anticipates client needs, and engages effectively to devise legal solutions. She helps provide a seamless and thoughtful client experience.

Kaelah has an interest in the cultures of the world and spends her spare time travelling. She enjoys exploring the way different societies operate culturally, politically, and legally across the globe.