Many countries are grappling with complex regulatory issues that focus on the changing media and communications sector.

The team at Sainty Law have extensive and unique experience in interpreting and advising on policy and regulatory trends and associated threats or opportunities.  This applies for businesses currently operating in this field or for organisations looking to break into the sector.

At Sainty Law we:

  • identify and interpret the regulatory and policy framework that shape the industry as well as the interplay between different laws
  • identify best outcomes and solutions
  • prepare policy proposals for new and changing regulation
  • liaise with policy makers, regulators and government to achieve best regulatory outcomes
  • design and implement compliance solutions
  • draft effective and relevant submissions to Government

As well as our legal expertise we engage our partners to bring insight into the political process and assist you to achieve the best policy and regulatory outcomes for your business.

Clients look to Sainty Law to assist them to make submissions and to understand developments – because we have extensive industry knowledge and experience and we keep up to date with relevant trends and practices.

We have successfully worked with clients on the following issues:

  • National Broadband Network (NBN) regulatory reform
  • The Convergence, Classification and Media Reform reviews
  • Digital Economy Future Directions consultation paper
  • Digital Television switchover
  • Privacy Law reform

We advise clients on policy and regulatory developments across the areas of: Broadcasting ǀ Copyright ǀ Internet ǀ Classification ǀ Media Ownership ǀ Convergence ǀ Spectrum Use & Access ǀ Privacy ǀ Security ǀ Telecommunications ǀ Content.